Master’s Message – Apr 2019

April 2019 Masters Message


Wow, time flies!  As my year in the East draws to a close, I am overwhelmed to discover just how fast it has elapsed.  It seems like only yesterday that this year’s officers were being installed and our year in the chairs began.  I was honored then, and still am now, to be selected by the brethren to sit in the East this past year, and humbled to follow in the steps of so many knowledgeable and passionate Master’s in our Lodge. 

This past year has been one filled with opportunity and I believe that we have seized those moments and made the most of them as a fraternity.  We have seen our membership grow as people outside of the fraternity continue to find our door seeking to fulfill the need to grow as individuals; We have increased awareness of our presence in the community through the remodeling of the exterior of our Lodge causing people to ask what’s going on?; We have increased our presence through sponsorships ranging from children’s athletic teams to 5k race fundraisers for research and last, we have increased in presence through the continued representation of what Freemasonry is by the manner in which we live and conduct ourselves in our daily interactions with members and non-members alike in public settings.

I hope everyone took away something positive from being in lodge this past year.   I, for one, feel as if I have grown the most in my understanding and feeling of what brotherhood means to me.  The dictionary defines it as the following:  “Affection and loyalty you feel for people who have something in common with.”  In my mind, you can take that, multiply by 1000 and I still don’t believe if it will come close to the feelings of kinship, family and unity I feel when I sit in Dothan 466 with YOU! 

My personal thanks go out to the entire Lodge for their support and contributions during this past year.  In no way can I hit everyone by being specific, but I want to mention a few folks for their counsel this past year:  Chris Watson, Allen Brackin, David Banister, Ron Pynes, Tony Hartley, Chris Cruse and Joey Turner.  I am forever grateful for always answering your phone when I rang you up and then, at least, conveying the idea you were happy to hear from me again so soon!

                                Ashley Whitehurst