Master’s Message – Oct 2018

Oct 2018 Masters Message


Nothing proves the mettle of a man like facing a challenge or hardship head-on will!  Those situations, and more importantly, the type of man you really are, comes to the forefront as a result of pressure and stressful situations.  Our journey as men, and Freemasons, is comprised of these types of situations in life.  In life, we encounter strenuous, and challenging situations and how we respond shows the type of men we are versus what we represent ourselves to be to others.    Last week, our area and the Panhandle of Florida was devastated by nature in the form of Hurricane Michael.  Family homes, childhood memories, lifelong possessions have been devastated and erased from the face of the Earth in the blink of an eye!  Estimated dollar value of the destruction is already well over $4 Billion dollars as I compose this note. 

Times like these produce some of the greatest brotherly love in history, and if the local response is a barometer for the regional and national response, then there is more Christian charity left in this country than the press would have you believe.  Because of our strong bonds of Brotherly Love, Freemasons provide Relief to help those who are in need. This includes the notion of charity, and Masons provide much assistance to worthy charities, but it also means offering a helping hand, in other ways, to all people that need assistance.  That is what many of you have done and continue to do.  From cooking meals, washing clothes, donations of water, money, ice, charcoal and propane, you have been and continue to exemplify the principle of Relief we are taught from the Northeast corner onward in our journey.

It is an honor and privilege to be associated with men such as you during times like these.  I urge you to continue to do great and wonderful things for those less fortunate and let us all represent the principles of Masonry in a glorious light for all to see.


                                                                        Ashley Whitehurst

                                                                        Worshipful Master