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Quarterly, the Worshipful Master will post a message. Come back for updates and information.

Master’s Message – Apr 2019

April 2019 Masters Message MASTER’S MESSAGE Wow, time flies!  As my year in the East draws to a close, I am overwhelmed to discover just how fast it has elapsed.  It seems like only yesterday that this year’s officers were being installed and our year in the chairs began.  I was honored then, and still …


Master’s Message – Dec 2018

Dec 2018 Masters Message Masters Message “I don’t believe in a Christmas celebration by the Lodge. I don’t think we ought to have one, or be asked to contribute to one or in any way engage in Christmas festivities, ” said the Junior Mason, emphatically and with marked disapproval of the little ante-room group nearby, …


Master’s Message – Oct 2018

Oct 2018 Masters Message MASTER’S MESSAGE Nothing proves the mettle of a man like facing a challenge or hardship head-on will!  Those situations, and more importantly, the type of man you really are, comes to the forefront as a result of pressure and stressful situations.  Our journey as men, and Freemasons, is comprised of these …


Master’s Message – Sept 2018

Sept 2018 Masters Message What is a Cable Tow? We hear about it from Day one as a member of the fraternity.  Why is it on me?  What do I do with it?  You can obtain a basic understanding of a cable tow and its use from listening and watching initiations, but what is it?  …


Master’s Message – Aug 2018

Aug 2018 Masters Message Recently my brethren entrusted to me the honor of occupying the famed Oriental Chair in Dothan Lodge 466 for the 2018-2019 year. The privilege, and responsibility of enacting the will of the Lodge is an honor that I embrace with great seriousness and will not take lightly.  Many men have sat …


Master’s Message – Apr 2018

April 2018 Masters Message My time as Master of Dothan 466 is drawing to a close.  It’s been a challenging year, but easily one of the most rewarding ever. I have some thoughts to leave you with. We live in a fallen and fractured world. We see it all around us. We as a people …


Master’s Message – Jan 2018

From Dothan Lodge 466, WM Scott Davis It’s a new year. We’ve made another trip around the Sun. We all sit back and watch the world descend into chaos and anarchy. The left hates the right. The right hates the left. The middle hates everybody. What is needed is a uniting force. Something to remind …


Message from the Worshipful Master

Message from the Worshipful Master As we begin 2018, so shall we also begin with a message from our Worshipful Master.  Check beck every quarter for updates and information. You can keep an eye on the Master’s Message page, or follow postings via the RSS feed. In time, this may grow, but for now, a …